Unity in Diversity

Parijat Enterprises has built a successful conglomerate of companies in diverse
industries. Our primary objective is to create wealth for our stakeholders while
staying true to our commitment to society.

Our Story


The Parijat tree is a symbol of the divine creative force. Each of the five leaves represents an element - air, fire, water, earth and ether.

This tree has been our symbol of culture and caring since the Group's inception in 1987. Our enterprises are its branches, arising from a trunk which is the strength of our company. We aim to work for the people with high-quality products and services. Just like the tree benefits the soil and grows taller, we share our prosperity with society.

We stand at a turnover of almost Rs 2000 crores while employing over 3000 team members.


Our Mission is to serve the nation through relevant industrialization, to serve the society through the culture of caring and to serve the above goals through the growth in our business.

At Parijat Enterprises, it is our constant endeavour to ensure that our work enhances the value of all our shareholders and stakeholders. Keeping in mind our culture of caring, we aim to create wealth that can be used for the benefit of our society and nation.


The tree bears fruits and flowers for the well-being of others; the cow yields milk for the nourishment of others; this (human) body is (also) meant for the well-being of others. From our ancient text comes this belief which finds an analogy in our culture of caring: that the wealth created by Parijat Enterprises is to be used not for ourselves alone, but for the common good of society and the world at large. This is our commitment to society.


  • Shri Satyanarayan Sanskrit Pathashala, Maulasar (Rajasthan)
  • Shri Somani Government High School, Maulasar (Rajasthan)
  • Shri Hazarimal Somani College Of Arts & Science, Bombay (Maharashtra)
  • Smt. Soni Devi Somani Girls' School, Kuchaman City (Rajasthan)
  • Shri Basant Kumar Girls' School, Maulasar (Rajasthan)
  • Smt. Bhanwaridevi Somani Girls' School, Makrana
  • Shri Hazarimal Somani College Of Commerce & Economics, Bandra, Bombay (Maharashtra)
  • Shri Basant Kumar Somani Polytechnic & Trade School For Women, Bombay (Maharashtra)
  • The G.D.Somani Polytechnic, Maulasar (Rajasthan)
  • The G.D.Somani Memorial School, Cuffe Parade, Bombay (Maharashtra)
  • Shri Hazarimal Somani Municipal Inter-College, Vrindaban (U.P.)
  • Shri Krishna Nilayam, Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Shri S.K. Somani Memorial Hall, Hindi Vidya Bhavan, Bombay (Maharashtra)
  • Kumari Usha Somani Secondary School, Maulasar (Rajasthan)
  • Shri Basant Kumar Somani Girls' Hostel, Hubli (Karnataka)
  • Shri Onkarmal Somani Commerce College, Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
  • Shri Onkarmal Somani College Of Education, Mysore (Karnataka)
  • Smt. Mangidevi Somani Madhyamik Vidyala, Daulatpura (Rajasthan)
  • Shri Harnar Somani T.C.H. College, Mysore (Karnataka)
  • Seth Shri Bhagwan Bux Ramdayal Somani Vidya Vihar, Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
  • Smt. Kesar Devi Somani Middle School, Kuchaman (Rajasthan)


  • Shri Hazarimal Somani Jeevan Vikas Kendra, Vile Parle,
    Bombay (Maharashtra)
  • Smt. Bhanwari Devi Somani Maternity Home, Melkote
  • Shri Somani Rural Health Center & Referral Hospital, Maulasar (Rajasthan)
  • Shri Satyanarain Ayurved Aushadshala, Maulasar (Rajasthan)
  • Sane Guruji Arogya Mandir, Santa Cruz, Bombay
  • Shri Venkatesh Devasthan, Fanaswadi, Bombay (Maharashtra)
  • Shri Satyanarain Temple, Maulasar (Rajasthan)
  • Shri Rang Mandir, Vrindaban (U.P.)
  • Narayanwadi Trust, Bombay (Maharashtra)
  • Shri Ram Mandir, Bandra, Bombay (Maharashtra)
  • Shri Vaikunth Devasthan, Baxar (Bihar)
  • Shri Satyanarain Temple, Laxmanjhoola, Via Hardwar (U.P.)
  • Shri Laxminarain Temple, Varanasi (U.P.)
  • Shri Gangamata Temple, Sambhar Lake (Rajasthan)
Our Team


The success of Parijat Enterprises goes back to the 1930s, when our enterprising founding fathers set up various ventures and thus established the foundation for our company. Today, the expertise of each team member helps carry forward the legacy and take the company to new heights.


1907 - 1973

Born on April 12, 1907 in the village of Maulasar in Rajasthan, Gajadhar Somani studied in Calcutta before going into business with his father, the late Hazarimal Somani, from whom he learnt the secret of successful business. In 1934, GD (as he was fondly known), moved from Calcutta to Bombay to establish his family's maiden industrial venture, the Shree Niwas Cotton Mills Ltd.

G.D. Somani was a forceful spokesman for trade, commerce and industry. He was also an active Member of Parliament for two consecutive terms, served on several State and Central Government committees and was the first Indian chairman of the Mill-Owners' Associations. He will always be remembered as a man with exceptional entrepreneurial skills, who reached out to his fellow human beings.

1920 - 1985

Born on November 1, 1920, Shreekrishna Somani was the son of late Hazarimal Somani and the youngest brother of the late G.D. Somani. After his education, he joined the family business, helping run the Shree Niwas Group of Industries. He was actively associated with the setting up and management of Shree Digvijay Cement Ltd.

S.K. had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and his management expertise helped establish several ventures ranging from the manufacture of cement, asbestos sheets and pipes, to setting up a printing press and plants for the manufacture of chemicals, paper and other industries. S.K was particularly involved with the construction industry and helped build many of Bombay's landmarks. He will always be remembered for his human compassion and piety.

Mr. Sevantilal Parekh

With over 65 years of experience in shipping, construction, manufacturing and finance, he is the chairman of United Shippers Ltd and Shinrai Autoservices Ltd, and serves as a Director on the board of Oricon
Enterprises Ltd.

Mr. Susheel Somani

The Managing Director of Claridge Moulded Fibres Ltd and a Director on the board of Oricon Enterprises Ltd and Shinrai Autoservices Ltd, he has over 50 years of experience in Packaging, Media and Manufacturing.

Mr. Rajendra Somani

With more than 45 years of experience in Packaging, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Finance, he is the Managing Director of Oricon Enterprises Ltd and Oriental Containers Ltd; and Director on the board of Shinrai Autoservices Ltd.

Mr. Surendra Somani

With over 35 years of diverse experience in Healthcare, Manufacturing and Finance, he is the Executive Vice-Chairman of Kopran Ltd and also serves as a Director on the board of Oricon Enterprises Ltd.

Mrs. Sujata Kumar Parekh

The Joint Managing Director of United Shippers Ltd and a Director on board of Oricon Enterprises Ltd., she has over 20
years of valuable experience in Finance,
Insurance and Shipping.

Mr. Suhrid Somani

Serving as a Director on the board of two of our companies, United Shippers Ltd and Claridge Moulded Fibres Ltd., he has more than 25 years of experience in
Packaging and Marketing.

Mr. Adarsh Somani

A Director on the board of Oricon
Enterprises Ltd and Kopran Laboratories
Ltd., he has over 20 years of indispensable experience in the FMCG, Marketing
and Real estate sectors.

Mr. Hridai Somani

With more than 20 years of noteworthy experience in the Packaging and Manufacturing industries, he serves as a Director on the board of Claridge
Moulded Fibres Ltd.

Mr. Varun Somani

With over 10 years of valuable experience
in Healthcare, Automobiles and Finance,
he serves as the Managing Director
of Kopran Laboratories Ltd and
Shinrai Autoservices Ltd.

Our Companies


We are the parent company of various enterprises that span industries including real estate, marine logistics, pharmaceuticals, packaging, healthcare and sports nutrition. Each of these companies has an immensely successful standing in the Indian market and has catered to a number of recognised international clients as well.

Oricon Enterprises

Oricon Enterprises is the flagship company of Parijat Enterprises, and is currently the holding company of the group's Real Estate, Marine Logistics, Packaging, and Automobile Distribution business. Oricon is developing its real estate land parcels in Mumbai.

We also have a petrochemical plant with a capacity of 10,000 tonnes per annum that manufactures mixed pentane and heptane - a petrochemical with industrial applications. Oricon has a PET bottle manufacturing unit which caters to the requirements of the alcoholic beverage market.

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United Shippers

United Shippers is one of the largest marine logistics company in India. It provides integrated services such as lighterage, stevedoring, chartering of coastal vessels, rail, road and sea logistic services. The company caters to clients operating through various public and private ports located on the West coast of India.

The company provides excellent discharge and load rates to their customers due to its large fleet of barges, tugs, on-shore equipment and dedicated, experienced manpower. It typically handles varied cargo such as coal, pet coke, polypropylene polymer and more, with multi fold expansion over the last decade.

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Kopran Ltd

Kopran Ltd. is a Pharmaceutical Company manufacturing both Finished Dosage Forms and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. The Company's products are registered globally and its manufacturing facilities match the best of International Standards and are approved by various Regulatory Authorities. The Finished Dosage Forms Plants are located in Khopoli, Maharashtra.

The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Plant, which is in a Subsidiary - Kopran Research Laboratories Ltd. is located in Mahad, Maharashtra. Kopran's products are exported to over 50 countries including UK, South Africa, Australia, EU and African countries.

The company is focused on improvement in Technology and New Products duly integrated through their sophisticated Research & Development department.

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Oriental Containers

Oriental Containers is the largest manufacturer of plastic and metal closures in the Indian market. For the last five decades, the company is in the business of packaging and today it manufactures a wide range of products which includes Crowns, Plastic Beverages and Water Closures, ROPP Caps, Chamfered Caps, Aluminium Collapsible Tubes, Twist off caps and Metal Printing.

In each of these groups, the company is the market leader in India, having its manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra and Goa. Its clients include Coca Cola, Pepsi, Diageo and United Spirits Ltd.

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Kopran Laboratories

Kopran Laboratories markets and supports high-tech medical equipment and diagnostics reagents since 1988 in India. The company represents some of the leading multinational companies for the Indian market such as Ciba Corning, Randox, Mitsubishi, Olympus and Beckman Coulter.

The company also markets products in its own brand 'Accucare' in the Indian market. Kopran also has an excellent service track record, and boasts of a 97% uptime of its products by offering prompt and effective service. Our clients include leading hospitals and laboratories in India such as Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, AIIMS Delhi and Thyrocare Technologies.

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Claridge Moulded Fibres

Claridge Moulded Fibre Limited is a pioneer in the field of Moulded Pulp Packaging and started the first egg tray unit in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India in 1966. CMFL revolutionized the concept of the "Safe Egg Tray" and ever since then all Indian poultry farmers have switched to this form of packing only.

In 1985, CMFL was a pioneer in launching the apple tray in Himachal Pradesh in India. Today every orchard owner has realised the need to switch to eco friendly CMFL trays as they also enjoy better price realisations. The company has also diversified into Industrial Tray products for consumer goods and supplies to companies like Philips, Crompton Greaves Limited, Bajaj and Havells.

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Kopran Lifestyle Ltd is an emerging health and wellness company which has launched the Big Flex range of products in the Sports Nutrition market.

The company believes in developing and marketing high quality, effective and genuine sports nutritional supplements, yet having an affordable price for the customers.

Big Flex partners with Sportspersons and Trainers thereby taking care of their complete nutritional needs by providing effective and genuine lab tested products.

After the success of SMYLE range of Healthcare OTC products, we are confident and excited about entering the Sports Nutrition market with the Big Flex range.

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