The Parijat tree is a symbol of the divine creative force. Each of the five leaves represents an element – air, fire, water, earth and ether. 



This tree has been our symbol of culture and caring since the Group’s inception in 1987. Our enterprises are its branches, arising from a trunk which is the strength of our company. We aim to work for people with high-quality products and services. Just like the tree benefits the soil and grows taller, we share our prosperity with society.



We stand at a turnover of almost Rs 2000 crores while employing over 3000 team members.


Our Mission is to serve the nation through relevant industrialization, to serve the society through the culture of caring, and to serve the above goals through the growth in our business.


At Parijat Enterprises, it is our constant endeavor to ensure that our work enhances the value of all our shareholders and stakeholders. Keeping in mind our culture of caring, we aim to create wealth that can be used for the benefit of our society and nation.


The tree bears fruits and flowers for the well-being of others; the cow yields milk for the nourishment of others; this (human) body is (also) meant for the well-being of others. From our ancient text comes this belief which finds an analogy in our culture of caring: that the wealth created by Parijat Enterprises is to be used not for ourselves alone, but for the common good of society and the world at large. This is our commitment to society.